Because who doesn’t love powder?  Back in 2012 I created the first “version” of conepatrol.  Back then you could configure powder alerts for a number of resorts around the Pacific Northwest.  In more recent years the service was sponsored by Mt. Bachelor, but went dormant during the winter of 15/16.

Friends told me last season how much they missed the service, so I’m bringing it back with a few new tricks.  The text-based alerts are still around, but I am now gathering a snapshot of all the key ( well the stuff I look at ) conditions data from, and posting them here to the site.

You can click the little “Follow” button on the bottom right hand corner of the site, and have this pertinent condition data sent to your inbox each morning.  Each post will have webcam imagery for that moment, so you can get a quick glance at the conditions and make sick plans accordingly.

The site is now powered by – which is the dandiest website hosting platform around, and an even better place to work.  Stay tuned for some links to nerd-stuff about how it all works.

Pray for Snow