Conditions Report: Wednesday, March 18th 2020, 4:52 pm

Good morning shredders! Here is your daily dose of Mt. Bachelor conditions:

** Operations Suspended Effective 03.15.20 through 03.22.20 **

Due to the COVID-19 situation and for the safety of our staff, our guests, and our community, operations and activities (including uphill travel) have been suspended effective March 15, 2020, through March 22, 2020. Please see our COVID-19 page for the latest information as we adapt to this dynamic situation.

Uphill Travel Policy

Mt. Bachelor’s uphill travel policy has been an ongoing question within the alpine touring community of Central OR. As of today, March 18, 2020, our full closure remains in effect through March 22 while we continue to evaluate operations in response to our rapidly changing environment. We are giving all scenarios our strongest consideration and if we can find a solution that properly balances staff safety, skier safety, resort liability, and the regulatory environment while providing a valuable service to our snow-loving community, we will revise our policy beyond March 22, 2020. 

Mt. Bachelor operates on public land under a special use permit issued and administered by the United States Forest Service. Under this permit Mt. Bachelor maintains the authority to control access to all land within the permit area, up to, and including a complete closure. For the everyone’s safety, please respect our decision to temporarily close the permit area to public access as maintenance operations will continue to take place during the shutdown. Any violation of this closure will result in reporting to local law enforcement agencies. 

We appreciate working together as a community. Let’s continue to work together and be adaptable and compassionate and we’ll get through this together, stronger.

COVID-19 Public Update


Snowfall Data West Village

snowfall_last_24_hours 0
snowfall_last_3_days 3
snowfall_last_7_days 14
snowfall_season 271

Snowfall Data Mid Mountain

snowfall_last_24_hours 0
snowfall_last_3_days 3
snowfall_last_7_days 15
snowfall_season 283

Weather Sensor Data

time Mar 18, 2020 05:00 PM
sunrise-temp 31.3
pine-temp 26.17
northwest-temp 26.18
pine-rh 82
sunrise-wind-avg 1
sunrise-wind-max 6
sunrise-wind-dir 145
pine-wind-avg 6
pine-wind-max 13
pine-wind-dir 202
northwest-wind-avg 3
northwest-wind-max 23
northwest-wind-dir 246

Weather data, conditions quote, and webcam images are from the lovely folks at