Conditions Report: Thursday, April 27th 2017, 6:13 am

Good morning shredders! Here is your daily dose of Mt. Bachelor conditions:

It’s another powder-binging kind of day as this week’s totals just keep getting deeper and deeper. A hefty dose of powder overnight makes it over two feet of fresh since Monday! April really has been a month of abundance in the snow department. Deep winter temps and some low hanging fog to start the day, but winds are expected to stay low with scattered snow showers tapering off by this evening. Soft packed powder on the groomers and deep turns everywhere else…these conditions are hard to beat. As ready as we are for spring-time on the slopes, this is pretty great too – get in those powder turns while you can! 

As the season begins to wind down, some of our operations have changed. Sunrise lift is now closed for the season, but with Cloudchaser and Northwest lifts remaining on the schedule, most of our 4,318 acres are still in play, weather permitting. We also have our West Village Magic Carpet running 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. everyday through the end of April. As long as weather cooperates, staff will be out there loading and unloading guests.  Both a helmet, for all children 17 and under, and a lift ticket are required to use it. Check out our Springtactular page for all the details about what’s open, where you can eat, and which types of lessons are still offered as this epic season continues.

Snowfall Data West Village

snowfall_since_3_pm 7
snowfall_last_24_hours 10
snowfall_last_3_days 22
snowfall_last_7_days 26
snowfall_season 569

Snowfall Data Mid Mountain

snowfall_since_3_pm 7
snowfall_last_24_hours 10
snowfall_last_3_days 23
snowfall_last_7_days 28
snowfall_season 594

Weather Sensor Data

time Apr 27, 2017 06:00 AM
wv-base 132.5
wv-temp 27.46
sunrise-temp 6.04
pine-temp 17.4
northwest-temp 15.1
summit-temp 15.49
wv-rh 99
sunrise-wind-avg 18
sunrise-wind-max 36
sunrise-wind-dir 257
pine-wind-avg 14
pine-wind-max 27
northwest-wind-avg 39
northwest-wind-max 57
summit-wind-avg 0
summit-wind-max 0

Weather data, conditions quote, and webcam images are from lovely folks at