Conditions Report: Sunday, April 16th 2017, 6:20 am

Good morning shredders! Here is your daily dose of Mt. Bachelor conditions:

Happy Easter everyone! Ripin’ fast groomers to start off Easter Sunday at Mt. Bachelor. We’ll have 4,318 acres and 360 degrees of riding off the top to get things started this morning with miles of killer corduroy to dig into. Temps will top off in the upper 30s with light breezes and some clouds moving in this afternoon.  Our snowpack is in awesome shape and there is no reason not to get up here and show the Easter Bunny how it’s done. Lots of fun on the mountain ahead, have a safe drive up and we’ll see you when you get here.

Snow or sun, Springtacular is here! We have a full slate of wildly fun spring events and music on tap from here on out – so far this weekend’s been a blast and today will be no exception. For Easter Sunday, those with little ones should grab their baskets and join us in West Village where our favorite ski bunny will be hoppin’ around hosting an Easter Egg Hunt starting at 9:30 a.m. As for the rest of you, better bring that lucky rabbit’s foot because we’re holding our annual Easter Keg Hunt where you’ll have the chance to embark on the ultimate quest to find a mini keg from Deschutes Brewery that’s been hidden amongst the pow. One winner takes all. Best to trade the peeps and jelly beans for carrots, because you’re going to need razor sharp vision to spot that keg.

We’re all about carpooling this season! On weekends we offer those with 4 or more in a vehicle preferred parking in West Village lot as long as spots are available. And in case weather should hit us before the day is through, come prepared for variable road conditions by driving a properly equipped vehicle. More importantly, please drive carefully and take your time regardless of road conditions. See you out there!

Snowfall Data West Village

snowfall_since_3_pm 0
snowfall_last_24_hours 0
snowfall_last_3_days 4
snowfall_last_7_days 14
snowfall_season 531

Snowfall Data Mid Mountain

snowfall_since_3_pm 0
snowfall_last_24_hours 0
snowfall_last_3_days 4
snowfall_last_7_days 14
snowfall_season 553

Weather Sensor Data

time Apr 16, 2017 06:00 AM
wv-base 121.7
wv-temp 24.87
sunrise-temp 19.57
pine-temp 30.88
northwest-temp 30.18
summit-temp 24.35
wv-rh 95
sunrise-wind-avg 9
sunrise-wind-max 16
pine-wind-avg 27
pine-wind-max 33
northwest-wind-avg 25
northwest-wind-max 34
summit-wind-avg 0
summit-wind-max 0

Weather data, conditions quote, and webcam images are from lovely folks at