Conditions Report: Thursday, April 6th 2017, 5:52 am

Good morning shredders! Here is your daily dose of Mt. Bachelor conditions:

A rolling spring breeze accompanied silver skies making for a quiet mid-week day and providing just the calm we needed before the next storm. Moderate winds took the balmy edge off today’s forty-degree temps allowing snowpack to soften up just enough, but still ski fast. And now, just when we thought we were in full-on spring mode, winter is set to make a grand reprieve. Precipitation is projected to trickle in early this evening bringing us a wintry mix before turning into snow by Thursday morning. Come geared up for intermittent bouts of storm riding as we’ll be seeing passing snow showers and temps hanging just around freezing level for tomorrow. Looking ahead, forecast calls for the brunt of this system to move in for Friday and Saturday, throwing a healthy dose of spring pow our way! It ain’t over yet! 

With winter weather back in the forecast, the roads and parking lots may be snow covered and challenging by the morning. Please come prepared for variable road conditions by driving a properly equipped vehicle, but more importantly, take your time and drive carefully to and from the mountain.

Stoke is building for this weekend where we’ll bring the surf to the mountain for the legendary Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge, going down Friday, April 7 through Sunday, April 9. Watch snowboarders compete head to head on a series of wave-like features as a panel of judges score riders on everything from style and flow to best wipeout! Following the competitions on both days, join us for a luau with traditional Hawaiian grub, live music and a raffle in the West Village base area. Aloha!

In addition to the event’s festivities, Pine Marten lift will be running until 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 8. All season passes and lift tickets purchased for Saturday will be valid to use, and we will also offer a special ‘Twilight Ticket’ on sale for $25, valid from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Clear your calendars because this weekend is sure to be a blast.

Snowfall Data West Village

snowfall_since_3_pm 0
snowfall_last_24_hours 0
snowfall_last_3_days 0
snowfall_last_7_days 7
snowfall_season 511

Snowfall Data Mid Mountain

snowfall_since_3_pm 0
snowfall_last_24_hours 0
snowfall_last_3_days 0
snowfall_last_7_days 7
snowfall_season 533

Weather Sensor Data

time Apr 6, 2017 06:00 AM
wv-base 114.8
wv-temp 30.84
sunrise-temp 29.05
pine-temp 28.05
northwest-temp 26.26
summit-temp 23.42
wv-rh 98
pine-rh 97
summit-rh 97
sunrise-wind-avg 5
sunrise-wind-max 13
sunrise-wind-dir 135
pine-wind-avg 19
pine-wind-max 39
pine-wind-dir 172
northwest-wind-avg 24
northwest-wind-max 34
northwest-wind-dir 216
summit-wind-avg 0
summit-wind-max 0
summit-wind-dir 0

Weather data, conditions quote, and webcam images are from lovely folks at