Conditions Report: Wednesday, March 15th 2017, 6:08 am

Good morning shredders! Here is your daily dose of Mt. Bachelor conditions:

The forecast definitely scared some people off today, but those who decided to make the journey up were rewarded with clear views of the summit, base temps which climbed into the mid-forties, prime spring skiing conditions on the groomed trails and plenty of elbow room to explore the mountain. We didn’t see a drop of precipitation throughout the operating day, and even the snow surfaces off-piste softened in the spring temps. 

Wednesday’s forecast looks pretty similar to what we were expecting for today, but there is a higher chance for a more organized storm system to move in on Wednesday afternoon. Hopefully we can get lucky again in the morning and sneak by without any of the forecasted precipitation. Check back first thing for the latest updates and cross your fingers that Mother Nature graces our slopes with snow rather than the other stuff.

Spring is almost here, and with that comes our Springtacular Season Pass sale. Pricing and spring season operation plans will be announced this Thursday, March 16. Stay tuned! 

Our terrain park crew started the jump build for the second annual 10 Barrel Brewing Hella Big Air here is the West Village Base Area. This year’s action will be even hotter than last year with plenty of hucking and a live show from Lyrics Born! Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 25 and join us for a HELLA good time!

Lastly, make sure to join us this Friday, 6:00 p.m. at Crow’s Feet Commons for the 4th and final Mt. Bachelor Après Ski Bash of the season! To close out this year’s Après events we have none other than Bend’s favorite Moon Mountain Ramblers! See you there! 

Snowfall Data West Village

snowfall_since_3_pm 0
snowfall_last_24_hours 0
snowfall_last_3_days 0
snowfall_last_7_days 2
snowfall_season 467

Snowfall Data Mid Mountain

snowfall_since_3_pm 0
snowfall_last_24_hours 0
snowfall_last_3_days 0
snowfall_last_7_days 2
snowfall_season 479

Weather Sensor Data

time Mar 15, 2017 06:00 AM
wv-base 114.7
wv-temp 38.2
sunrise-temp 36.77
pine-temp 34.59
northwest-temp 33.1
summit-temp 29.89
wv-rh 70
pine-rh 74
summit-rh 84
sunrise-wind-avg 34
sunrise-wind-max 53
sunrise-wind-dir 253
pine-wind-avg 33
pine-wind-max 51
pine-wind-dir 265
northwest-wind-avg 57
northwest-wind-max 77
northwest-wind-dir 250
summit-wind-avg 35
summit-wind-max 57
summit-wind-dir 0

Weather data, conditions quote, and webcam images are from lovely folks at